CEF ® - Installation and Patch Procedure

The development of a shell-based framework for the automated installation of CEF ® within a cluster, as well as patching updates for the system. Updating the system with patches. CEF ® is a news-based data distribution system for the German stock market.
The installation and update patching of the system take place under the consideration of various configurations that are dependent upon the corresponding target environment.
The project was carried within the framework of a long-term in-house
service contract.
  • The automation and optimization of processes
  • Configuration adaptation to the target environment
  • Verification of the installed system
  • Installation and patching history, including rollbacks
  • The development of a runtime environment with a generic host name schema for various target environments
  • Decoupling the shell script from the configuration
  • Adapting the monitoring procedures (operating / monitoring)

OS/Tools/Middleware/Procedures and Methods:

In productive operation for 2 years