Dresdner Bank - PIN/TAN-Administration

User identification and PIN/TAN administration for an authentication infrastructure with single sign-on. The task consisted of defining and implementing the backend technical processes and procedures. Additionally, the outsourcing of the printing of the relevant documents had to be organized and implemented.
6 months
This project was realized in-house within the scope of a long-term service contract. Apart from the technical realization, the collaboration with external service providers was also organized and coordinated.
  • Definition of the backend processes and methods
    • Data security
    • Data integrity
    • Key management
    • Batch processes, etc.
  • Definition of the interfaces for data exchange with the external service provider
  • Definition of the interfaces for the applications utilized
  • Implementation
  • Test and integration in the backend

Tools/Middleware/Procedurs and Methods:

The procedure was successfully introduced.