Airbus - Real-time Application

Implementation of a caching library and synchronized access for EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory) memory.
Implementation of a processor communication library (a mini TCP Stack) for cabin inter-communication data systems for the Airbus A380.
Development of a tool for the automatic generation of C source code for embedded software development.
6 months
The project was carried out an in-house service contract. Special emphasis was placed upon the integration of existing testing and acceptance procedures.
  • Security levels B, C and D corresponding to the RTCS/DO 178B Classification
  • Development with embedded C
  • Interface development
  • Shell programming
  • QM with DOORS
  • Design with Artisan

Tools/Middleware/Procedures and Methods:

The project was successfully completed in accordance with the specifications set by the customer and within the specified time period.