System Optimization "RealTime" vs. "Real Fast"

Realtime Processing - HPC (High Performance Computing) unter LINUX, Solaris und VxWorks - is an extraordinarily interesting field that holds many challenges for which our extensive experience has sufficiently prepared us.

Listed below are the core themes of previous projects as well as some of the preferred tools that we put at the service of our performance optimization efforts on your behalf:

  • Scalability
  • Connection setup costs
  • Package processing costs
  • Traffic shaping
  • Latency issues, Observability
  • FUTEX (Fast Userspace Mutual Exclusion)


  • Dispatcher Queues/Structures und Scheduling Classes
  • Turnstiles, Priority Inheritance und Thread Priorities
  • Syncronization, Convoy and Thundering Herd Problem
  • dtrace, prstat, kstat, lockstat, truss, ltruss, pidstat, ptrace, ftrace ...

A selection of previous projects can be reviewed in the "Projects" menu under "Financial Service Provider"and "Industry".