Dresdner Bank - Authentication

The implementation of a logon process based on dual-control - or the four-eye-principle - under NT and an authentication process based upon successful authorization. This application ensures that certain actions can only be carried out by multiple-authorized persons, thus requiring a shared login. The actual logon process and corresponding user administration were developed.
5 months
The project was carried out within the framework of a long-term in-house and out-house contract. An emphasis was placed on the assurance of security and data integrity.
  • Analysis, design, software architecture design
  • Application development
  • Definition of working processes for user administration
  • Definition of work processes for application administration
  • Organization of operational management and application monitoring
  • Installation of hardware and software
  • Testing and integration

Tools/Middleware/Procedures and Methods:

The software was developed according to specification and works flawlessly. Despite changes to organizational procedure, corresponding configuration changes allowed the product to be adapted to the new environment without
a problem.