Mannesmann - Porting TSW

Porting the technical software of a freight transport control system from Unix to Windows (W32) for installation at a major international airport. The existing functionalities for process management, inter-process communication, shared memory, pipes, multithreading, asynchronous control of serial interfaces and TCP/IP were ported to the new platform. Moreover, a build process was developed for the software and the modules based upon it.
4 months
The project was carried out as a special order contract. Its main focus was on the transformation of the functionality at hand to the new platform and compatibility preservation of the modules that are still connected to it.
  • Mapping of the build processes on the new platform
  • Analysis and design of the changes necessary for inter-process communication on the target platform
  • Porting the individual TSW modules
  • Creation of the necessary tools for application administration
  • Testing and integration

Tools/Middleware/Procedures and Methods:

The project was carried out successfully within the designated time frame.