Wolf-Dietrich Guth
Senior IT-Consultant
University lecturer for Electronics and Electrical Engineering
56 Jahre
Professional experience:
27 years of experience, of which 23 years have been spent running an own buisness


Brief an to the Point

  • Dyed-in-the-wool LinU(ni)x enthusiast
    • Solaris
    • AIX
    • HPUX
    • SELS
    • RHEL
    • Windows Server 2012R
  • More than 20 years of practical experience in the implemantation of major software projects in heterogeneous IT environments.
    • Deutsche Bank
    • AVC Deutschland
    • Deutsche Börse
    • Airbus
    • EADS
    • Dresdner Bank
    • Siemens Nixdorf
    • Mannesmann Dematic
  • Extremely fast familiarization
  • Preferred progamming languages: C/C++ (15+ years of experience), some Java, J2EE (4 years).
  • Genuine shell scripting professional with all that goes along with it (sed, awk etc.), also Perl.
  • Datenbases: Oracle, Informix, SQL.

Other Experience and Skills

  • Technical project management
  • Software architectures und software design, OOA and OOD
  • High Performance Computing (HPC), system optimization
  • Interface design, software adaption, integration
  • Qualitiy assurance, configurations and change management, build environment, packaging
  • Firewall architectures, paket filters and IDS
  • Encryption methods, cryptography, public key infrastructures
  • Inter-process communication, multi-threading
  • System programming, IP, UDP, TCP, Multicast


01/2015 till now: AVC Deutschland
Technical focal points, tools:
  • SuSeLinux, Windows Server R2 (standard/data center)
  • HyperV, Exchange Server 2013, Apache
  • Remote desktop services
  • Remote access
  • Shell programming: shell, bash, ksh, sed, awk, perl ...
  • Security firewall
  • Microsoft project, Enterprise Architect
Project management for server migration and virtualization
Replacing an existing server infrastructure with new hardware.
Enhanced flexiblization through the virtualization of existing server components.
Introduction of remote desktop services (25 remote locations).
Analysis, assembly and acquisition of new hardware.
Migration path planning and implementation/last and performance test/rollout.
Coaching and support.
10/2017 to 09/2020: Deutsche Bank AG
Technical focal points, tools:
  • AIX/Solaris/SLES/RHEL
  • Git, Apache
  • Shell, awk, sed, ksh, bash, perl
  • Websphere MQ, Weblogic,Tomcat
  • Oracle PLSQL
  • Certificates, PKI
Build and Deployment, Middleware configuration and CCM
Automation of the deployment process.
Support Middleware configuration.
Certificate administration.
Organization and implementation of the migration process from SVN to Git.
07/2015 to 08/2017: Deutsche Börse AG
Technical focal points, tools:
  • RHEL 7.1/Solaris
  • Git, GitHub, GitLab, Jenkins, Apache
  • Shell, awk, sed, ksh, bash, perl
  • mysql
  • C/C++
  • make, build and deployment, CCM
Git Migration Project Managment
Partitioning/assembly of a complex server application.
Project planning and execution of git migration from PVCS source repository.
Source code migration.
Design and implementation of the development, build and deployment process.
Creation of a script-based framework for the above mentioned processes, including CCM.
05/2012 to 09/2014: Deutsche Bank AG
Technical focal points, tools:
  • Veritas cluster
  • Tivoli Workload Scheduler
  • Java, J2EE, JMS, JDBC
  • Weblogic, Apache, Tomcat
  • Shell programming: shell, bash, ksh, sed, awk, perl ...
  • Unix/Linux, Solaris, AIX, SLES, RHEL
  • IP, UDP, TCP, multi-threading
  • Oracle SQL
  • Microsoft Project, Enterprise Architect
Certificate Management CERTDB
Servicing, maintenance and the further development of a web application for the administration of PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) certificates.
  • The system-wide administration of certificate meta data according to application, environment (for example test, production ...), location (server, keystore) and point of contact, as well as the updating of the certificates
  • Database update through the use of automated intermittent scanning on the target systems
  • Monitoring and notification in the event of expiring certificates
  • SQL programming for reporting and database maintenance
  • Updating certificates, manually as well as with CertNanny
  • Support for SSL problems, research and configuration
Configuration, Packaging and Deployment of J2EE Applications
  • Adaption of the build and packaging process
  • Implementing configuration modifications for middleware
  • Build and deployment of the applications, release change
Tool Support and Shell Scripting
  • Development of technical tools, scripts for the nightly batch, operations monitoring
  • Research and second-level support
  • Support for data transfer AIMA (AI2)
Deputy Team Leader
Organization, planning, consulting and support
01/2005 to 01/2012: Deutsche Börse System AG
Technical Focal Points:
  • C/C++, stl, Cstd and stlport, 32 and 64 bit
  • Java
  • Shell programming: shell, bash, ksh, sed, awk, perl ...
  • SUN, Unix, Oracle PL, SQL
  • SUN/GNU make
  • IP, UDP, TCP, Multicast
  • Multithreading, Solaris 7-10
  • High Performance Computing (>100000 msg/sec, latency 2 ms)
  • IPC (Inter Process Communication), Sockets, Synchronisation ...
  • Porting, system programming
  • CEF ®, CEF ®-ALPHA
  • Real Time Feed - CEF ®, RTR, FIX, Quickfix Engine, FAST 1.5, XFI, SIBE, MEFF Gate, RDMS, ...
Development of Technical Software and Tools
  • Integration of external tools (cppunit, quickfix ...)
  • Scripting for operations monitoring and control
  • Development of a gateway framework for accessibility to external heterogeneous proprietary systems to CEF ®
  • Development of a framework for regression testing
  • Development of client applications for data acquisition from CEF ®
  • Development of an API for FAST
  • Development of a runtime environment
Migration Solaris -> Red Hat Enterprise Server 6.x
The objective was to develop and operate the existing software on both operating systems at the same time. Tasks:
  • Determination and implementation of the migration path for version management
  • Adaptation of the build process
  • Carrying out of necessary software adaptations
  • Modification of diverse scripts for batch processing and operational control
Eurex REPO - Feed Handler
Integration of the interface for "REPO Index GC Pooling" (market data, quotes and trades), connectivity to CEF ®.
MNI (Market Data International) "The Mainwire" - Connectivity to CEF ®
Development of a gateway for data capture and feeding to CEF ®. Synchronization of newcasts from various input cannels,
Failover Management as well as holiday processing.
SIBE - Connectivity to CEF ®
Development of the basic functionality, building upon this, the implementation of feed handlers for equities, warrants, certificates and fixed income from the "Spanish Stock Exchange Interconnection System". Depicted were:
  • Master data management
  • Trades and trade cancelation
  • Order Book Market Depth (20)
  • Index Information
  • VAP (Value Added Processing)
Automated Installation and Patch Procedure in a Cluster Group
Development of a shell-based framework for the automated installation of CEF ® as well as system update using patches including rollback.
  • Configuration adaptation in the target environment
  • Verification of the installed system
  • Installation and patch history including rollback
  • Development of a runtime environment with generic runtime host name schema for various target environments
  • Decoupling of the configuration's shell script
  • Adaptation of the surveillance procedures (operating/monitoring)
RFA (Reuter's Foundation API) Integration
A gateway process was developed for the changeover from SSL to RFA, which decoupled the processing system (CEF ®) from Reuter's backend and handled "Reuters Data Marketfeed" market data for input using the CEF ® Feed Handler.
Value Added Processing for Realtime Analytics
The market data was analyzed in real time and enhanced
with the corresponding indices:
  • Put-Call Ratio
  • Dividend Yield
  • Sliding VWAP
  • Mid Prices
  • Time-weighted Average Spread
  • ...
Software Production Environment
Within the context of further development efforts and the adaption of new hardware, the existing SPU was augmented and made more flexible. The build can be for 32 and/or 64 bit using various compilers and operating systems.
08/2004 to 01/2005: Aeronautics, Airbus
Implementation of a library for caching and the synchronized access for EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory) memory.
Implementation of a processor communication library (mini TCP stack) for cabin inter-communication data system directors for the Airbus A380.
  • Security levels B, C and D corresponding to the RTCA/DO 178B classification
  • Development with embedded C
  • shell, awk etc.
  • Artisan, ClearCase, DOORS, CleraQuest
  • VXWorks, RTOS
  • WINNT, cygwin
  • Verified's RT-Tester Environment
07/2004 bis 07/2004: Aviation, Airbus
Development of a tool for the automatic generation of C source code for embedded software development.
  • Interface development
  • Perl, shell, sed, gnu C/C++, cygwin
11/2003 to 03/2004: Warehouse management, IT service provider
System programming with C/C++, Java, MQM, JMS.
  • Backend connectivity of a warehouse management system via MQM
  • Oracle
  • Definition of the interfaces
  • Implementation in C++ and Java
  • Linux (SuSE), Solaris
  • shell, Perl
04/2003 to 09/2003: Space industry, EADS
System programming with C/C++, Solaris 9.
  • SUN Cluster 3.0, creation of master process (C++)
  • Starting, stopping, and operational control of C/C++ and Java applications
  • Design and integration of a runtime environment (Kornshell, awk, sed etc.)
  • Inter-process communication, multithreading etc.
  • JBuilder, XML, GNU Buildsystem, Rational Rose, ClearCase
1999 to 2003: Accompanying activities and diverse seminars
Seminar leader and lecturer on the following topics:
  • Software Engineering
  • Process definition and process improvement in software development
  • Internet firewalls, firewall techniques and firewall architecture
  • Design, set up and operation of packet filter systems
  • Relational data bases, design and optimization ERM
  • Software development C/C++
01/2003 to 02/2003: Warehouse management, IT service provider
Porting of an interface for host connectivity from NT to Solaris
  • Data transition of master data to the host with MQM
  • Implementation of existing interface with C/C++
2002 to 2003: Diverse
Conceptualization, set up and operation of Linux-based firewalls for KMUs.
1999 to 2002: Dresdner Bank
Platforms: SUN Solaris, Linux, W2000, HPUX, AIX, SCO, SINIX, Windows NT.
Tools/IS: Rational Rose, Visual Age, Java, GNU Tools, shell, WebSphere,
MQ Series, Tivoli, Informix, MS Project.
Database: Informix.
Administration of HPUX, SUN.
Subproject: Host connectivity, data transition, Java, C++.
  • JBuilder 6.0
  • MQ Series
  • Informix
  • SOAP
Subproject: Maintenance and advancement of an interface between a Voice Response Unit and a database server (SUN Solaris).
  • C/C++, ESQL, Informix, process management
  • The connection was implanted using native sockets
  • Inter-process communication using MQ and SHM
Subproject: Design, development and maintenance of Dresdner Bank backend applications.
Subproject: Technical project management, outsourcing PIN and TAN printing.
Interface and backend processing design (SUN Enterprise E10K)
Specification and coordination of procedures with the external service provider.
Implementation of interfaces using C/C++ and Java for the various applications.
Test and Integration.
Subproject: Porting and migration of a complex client-server application from HPUX to SUN Solaris.
Executing the migration of a Dresdner Bank multi-channel data server from an HPUX cluster to a SUN cluster.
Organization and execution of the migration process in the software sector.
Ensuring the host connection over the MQ Series (C/C++, ESQL, Informix), securing CCM.
Subproject: Connecting the enterprise backend systems to a client-server application used for securities trading in the Internet.
Analysis of the current functionality.
Interface definition in accordance with technical specifications.
Interface implementation at the backend side (C/C++, ESQL, Java).
Subproject: Implementation of encryption algorithms (Java, C/C++).
Connecting an existing authentication infrastructure with a web frontend.
Subproject: Implementation of configuration and change management software.
Setting up of a software production environment (SPU) for HPUX, AIX and SUN.
Integration of Continuus for configuration and change management.
Subproject: Authentication and authorization process under NT.
Implementation of a logon process using dual-control - or the four-eye-principle - under NT as well as an authentication process after successful authorization (Visual C/C++, MFC).
1998 bis 1999: Telecommunication, Siemens
Project: Exception handling in a distributed application.
Platforms: Solaris, HPUX, AIX, SINIX, WINNT.
Tools: Rational Rose.
Design and development of C++ exception handling in a distributed application within a WAN.
Development and implementation of an automated process for generating the notification catalogue using the existing software.
Integration of NLS.
1998: Logistics, Mannesmann Dematic
Project: Porting of technical software from Unix to NT (C/C++).
The existing software for SINIX, AIX, HPUX was ported to NT.
Design of the production software environment.
Analysis, design and implementation of necessary changes for inter-process communication on the new target platform.
Process administration, MQ, SHM, sockets, asynchronous control of serial interfaces, etc.
1997: Warehouse, motor pool
Project: OOD of an interface for access to Btrieve databases in C/C++.
Platforms: Novell Netware 4.x and 3.5, DOS, OS2, Windows NT.
Tools: Rational Rose.
The development took place both in and out-house. The main focus was on access simplification for the various platforms.
1995 bis 1996: Warehouse, motor pool
Project: Implementation of an interface for radio control of lift trucks in a storage system using C/C++.
Platforms: Novell Netware 3.x and 4.x.
Tools: Visual C, Watcom.
Development of a data concentrator for commissioning. The emphasis was on transport optimization and the optimal use of existing storage capacities. The project was executed using C/C++ under WINNT in a Novell netware environment.